A Lifeline for Retailers Overwhelmed by Delivery Demand

Gina Acosta
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A Lifeline for Retailers Overwhelmed by Delivery Demand

Innovative logistics platform Bringoz is offering retailers its experience, expertise and technology platform free-of-charge amid the COVID-19 crisis.

As the coronavirus pandemic intensifies, many grocers and other food retailers have been overwhelmed by consumer demand for grocery delivery. Bringoz is offering to to help retailers and others create and scale their in-house delivery operations during the crisis.

"Stores’ rapid decline in traffic isn’t aligning with reduced demand,” said Bringoz Co-Founder and CEO Doron Bakchy. “Purchasing volume is dramatically shifting to delivery-related channels and we are willing to share the best practices we developed over the years to help companies meet these challenges.”

The Bringoz platform, which through proprietary technology is currently helping dozens of companies manage their automated delivery operations, has seen the number of transactions nearly doubling during the last month.

Bringoz is an end-to-end delivery management platform that consolidates multiple sources of delivery demand, including websites, mobile apps, in-store delivery requests and third-party marketplaces into a true 360-degree control tower. Using proprietary technology to optimize routes, batch deliveries, automate dispatching, reduce risk and give real-time visibility into the delivery process, companies use the Bringoz platform to deliver accurate and timely service, even under the most challenging circumstances.

“Delivery is likely to be a preferred method of purchasing by consumers going forward. There is a lot of uncertainty on how long the current situation may last but we at Bringoz would like to be part of the solution, now and once we get the all-clear,” said Chen Grazutis, co-founder and general manager of North America at Bringoz. “One thing is for sure - for many categories, home-delivery will be considered table stakes in their go-to-market strategy.”


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