The Launch of Trader Joe's YouTube Channel

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The Launch of Trader Joe's YouTube Channel

By Kat Martin - 05/14/2019

Trader Joe’s, which frequently tops customer satisfaction lists, quietly launched a YouTube channel a few weeks ago. It falls in line with the quirky brand image the retailer has cultivated over the years, an adherence to a branding platform from a company that doesn’t do much PR. Many of the videos are narrated by Dan Bane, CEO of the grocery chain and a familiar voice from the radio commercials that seemed ubiquitous a few years ago, at least in the Chicago market. (I could recite the line “This is Dan Bane of Trader Joe’s” before he even said it in the video.)

What the channel does is marry the visual with the familiar audio while maintaining the brand identity, something that can be difficult when crossing platforms. But once you see the visual, you won’t be able to unmarry it from the audio in your mind – the sign of great branding, and something all grocery retailers need to keep in mind, especially as they continue to grow their presence on social media platforms.

In addition to the handful of videos voiced by Bane, the channel also features recipe ideas on how to make Trader Joe’s popular products your own, like taking its frozen tiki masala and turning it into a burrito or creating falafel waffles out its falafel mix. A How It’s Made series of videos also show how the products are manufactured along with a Products series highlighting a particular product – neither have voiceovers but do have some fun rockabilly music playing.

The channel is also home to several of the company’s podcasts as well as videos featuring its mascot Fearless Flyer that were produced in partnership with consumer magazines.

Within the three weeks since its launch, the channel has more than 5,700 followers, not bad for any grocery and especially one that doesn’t do much promotion. The channel helps explain some of its practices that might have stymied consumers like why are bananas sold individually and why do some products disappear? It serves as a forum for customers to find answers although comments have been turned off, so no direct communication between consumers and the company.

But another way to reach customers directly is always a bonus, especially if you keep it well within your brand image.


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