Large-format Retailers Should Target Developing Markets: Retail Forward

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Interest in one-stop shopping is on the rise in nearly all developing retail markets, and that trend, coupled with the universal appeal of high-quality goods and good deals, is creating growth opportunities for large-format food retailers, according to a new study from global management consulting and market research firm Retail Forward here.

Although the desire to support "mom and pop" retailers remains high, particularly in developing markets, large-format food retailers stand to gain as long as their strong low-price perception can be exported, Retail Forward said.

Retail Forward said in its report, The Global Food Drug Mass Retailing Shopper Update, research indicates that the big hypermarket and supercenter formats at the forefront of global expansion by Wal-Mart and other leading food retailers continue to gain shoppers in most markets.

Case in point: Although Wal-Mart was unable to leverage its strength as a large discounter in Germany, where the hard-discount format is well established, in most countries its low-price perception in food is strengthening.

The report includes data and analysis based on surveys conducted by GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.) through its GMIPoll online Omnibus survey of 1,000 consumers in 13 countries. Retail Forward's report analyzes the responses of those consumers to questions about their shopping frequency, behavior, and attitudes related to shopping for food.

"Our research indicates that interest in one-stop shopping is on the rise as shopping alternatives increase and food shoppers place a greater demand on value," said Mandy Putnam, v.p. with Retail Forward and author of the study. "In most parts of the world, hypermarkets and supercenters rival -- if not surpass -- conventional supermarkets as the store type shopped most often for a broad range of foods, snacks and other household products."
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