Kroger’s New Signage Helps Save Energy, Lives

As part of a $4 billion investment, The Kroger Co. is installing MN8’s LumAware energy-free exit signs at all new and renovated Kroger stores nationwide.

“It is estimated that Kroger will save over $6 million and reduce its carbon footprint by over 50 million pounds over the next 15 years by transitioning to LumAware exit signs,” said Keith Oliver, Kroger’s VP of facility engineering.

Both companies are members of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.

MN8, created by firefighter Zachary Green, also develops, manufactures and sells photoluminescent products under the Foxfire brand to keep more than 65,000 firefighters and those they protect safe. MN8 products emanate light and eliminate the need for batteries, light bulbs, electricity and maintenance. The signs are being manufactured by people with severe vision loss at the Cincinnati Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired (CABVI).

Reflects Core Values

“We use LumAware technology in our retail store locations because it aligns with our core value of safety and reinforces our commitment to give back to the communities we serve by providing job opportunities for people, especially those with disabilities,” said Reuben Shaffer, Kroger’s chief diversity officer.

Green noted:  “Coincidentally, Barney Kroger, who created the Kroger chain of retail stores, was the first board chair of the Cincinnati Association for the Welfare of the Blind.”

The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber “helps small businesses like mine connect with big businesses and with each other,” Green added. “Through those connections, we are changing lives for the visually impaired in our region and saving lives with LumAware products in Kroger stores around the nation.”

Kroger operates 2,778 retail food stores under a variety of local banner names in 35 states and the District of Columbia.






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