Kroger Installs Automated C-store in Ohio

CINCINNATI -- Kroger here has installed installed Shop24, an automated convenience store machine that will provide more than 150 products varying from drinks to pain relievers, in one of its supermarkets in Columbus, Ohio according to a report on local television station WCMH.

The equipment is made by Boston-based Service America Group. The machine will accept credit cards, coins and cash, according to the report.

"Product falls into a soft basket. The basket goes into a delivery bin, drops it in and it comes out the front," said Tom Riske, an installer.

The machine, which is being used in Europe, is the second in the U.S. The first machine is located in Morrisville, N.Y., according to the report. Marc Bruno, president of Service America Group, confirmed the machine was a Shop 24 model in an report.

Workers are still programming the machine, and it isn't fully stocked yet, but Kroger hopes to have a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 25, WCMH reported.

Kroger officials have not released plans on any future locations, according to the report.
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