Kroger, Dorothy Lane Join Voluntary Ground Beef Recall

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Kroger, Dorothy Lane Join Voluntary Ground Beef Recall

Kroger and Dorothy Lane last week issued alerts asking customers to check for ground beef they may have recently purchased that is part of a recall announced by Nebraska Beef that also impacted Whole Foods Market.

Kroger’s King Soopers and City Market stores are advising customers to return for a full refund ground beef products with "sell by" dates of July 4 through August 11 and labels that read: "Ground Beef - 70 to 80% Lean." Its Fred Meyer division advised the same for ground beef packages with "sell by" dates of July 6 through August 11 and labels that read: "Lean Ground Beef Family Pack Not To Exceed 20% Fat."

Dorothy Lane Markets is withdrawing the raw ground beef products with the sell-by dates of June 9 to July 29.

In a letter to customers on the grocer’s Web site, c.e.o. Norman Mayne wrote: “This withdrawal could be related to the same processing facility that was implicated by a national recall issued by the Kroger Company in recent weeks. Unfortunately, our longtime supplier, Coleman Natural Meats, had used this processing plant on a temporary basis, and apparently some of our beef was affected. Only two illnesses have been reported out of over 25,000 purchases of ground beef during this time period. Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, we are withdrawing all of our ground products that may have contained beef processed at this particular plant.”

The letter was also signed by Calvin Mayne, v.p.; Jack Gridley, v.p. of meat and seafood; and Kathy Neufarth, director of consumer affairs.