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Kroger Aims Gift Card Promo at Tax Refunds, Stimulus Money

In a propitious bit of timing, The Kroger Co. will offer shoppers free groceries in a promotion that ties the grocer's gift card to its customers' tax refunds or economic stimulus money.

Set to launch May 2, the program will give shoppers a chance to exchange their tax refund or economic stimulus checks for a Kroger gift card with an extra $30, $60, or $120 added to it.

The gift card amounts will correspond to the payment amounts outlined by the Internal Revenue Service for the federal economic stimulus program. For example, if a customer loads $300 onto a Kroger gift card, the card will be valued at $330.00 (a $600 is worth $660, and a $1,200 is worth $1,320.00).

"Grocery bills represent a significant expenditure for the average American family," said David B. Dillon, chairman and c.e.o. of the Cincinnati-based chain. "In fact, the average family of four spends between $105 and $235 per week on food purchased at a store and prepared at home. Kroger's program allows our customers to stretch their grocery dollars further."

Dillon added that the program will allow his company "to touch the lives of millions of families across the country, by helping them extend their household budgets."

The program is limited to one offer per household, with a limit of $1,200. Customers who do not have a hard copy of their government-issued checks can participate with cash, a credit card, or by presenting a valid personal check.
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