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Kroger to Aid Calif., Chicagoland After-school Programs

Food 4 Less, Foods Co and Ralphs, banners of the Cincinnati-based Kroger Co., are raising funds to support after-school education programs.

Through Oct. 11, Food 4 Less and Foods Co customers and associates can support after-school programs through the banners’ nonprofit arm, The Food 4 Less/Foods Co Fund, by donating their spare change in collection canisters at the checkstands of Southern California and Chicagoland Food 4 Less stores, and Central and Northern California Foods Co stores. Ralphs customers and associates can do the same during the same period through the banner’s nonprofit arm, The Ralphs Fund.

"The support of after-school programs is an important cause to Food 4 Less, Foods Co and our customers," said Bryan Kaltenbach, president of Food 4 Less and Foods Co. "By simply donating their spare change into the donation canisters located at each checkstand in our stores, Food 4 Less and Foods Co customers will be able to make a huge difference in supporting after-school programs that inspire and empower young people in our communities."

Added Ralphs President Donna Giordano: “Ralphs’ commitment to education goes back to the very beginning of our company. We are continuing that commitment today. Our checkstand canister fundraising program and the generosity of our customers and associates allow us to provide support to numerous youth development organizations as well as a broad range of after-school and physical education programs."

Together with customers and associates, Ralphs contributed more than $150,000 in 2015 to after-school programs in Southern California, while Food 4 Less and Foods Co contributed more than $70,000 to such programs in California and Chicagoland.

Based in Compton, Calif., Food 4 Less operates 131 price-impact warehouse-format supermarkets under the banners Food 4 Less in Southern California, Illinois and Indiana, and Foods Co in Central and Northern California.

Ralphs operates 198 supermarkets in Southern California from its headquarters in Compton.

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