Kowalski's, Sendik's Among Retailers Adding DNA-Traceable Premium Pork

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Kowalski's, Sendik's Among Retailers Adding DNA-Traceable Premium Pork

Six grocers from the around the country have signed on with an all-natural fresh pork brand from the first North American pork company to carry DNA traceback information to the farm where the animals were raised.

The retailers now carrying Nature's Premium pork with DNA TraceBack are Minneapolis-based Kowalski's Markets; Sendik's Food Markets in Milwaukee, Wis.; Santa Cruz, Calif.'s New Leaf Community Markets; Dave's Marketplace stores in Rhode Island; Donelan's Supermarkets of Boston; and Bogopa, a food distributor serving several international foods markets in metro New York.

Boyd Oase, Kowalski's director of meat and seafood, said from a food-safety standpoint, "DNA TraceBack is extremely valuable to my department. And for my customers, it provides 100 percent reassurance that Nature's Premium Pork is a safe, wholesome, all-natural product."

Nature's Premium brand uses IdentiGEN's DNA TraceBack system, a USDA process-verified, DNA-based traceback system for accurate and reliable product verification.
Nature's Premium Brand pork packages will carry IdentiGEN's DNA TraceBack seal at the meat case to guarantee to consumers that each cut came from the unique Nature's Premium production and processing system.

The Nature's Premium breed-specific Duroc pigs are raised by family farmers in the Midwest on a strict vegetarian diet with no animal byproducts, antibiotics or growth promotants. The company's participating farms offer exceptional animal healthcare, sanitation and humane treatment. Its ultra-modern processing facility is unique in the industry for its small size, eco-friendliness and dedication to safe processes.

Nature's Premium began conducting internal trials of the DNA TraceBack system with IdentiGEN's U.S. lab in Lawrence, Kan., in May. "DNA is a uniquely accurate, permanent and tamper-proof identification tool," said IdentiGEN's chief executive Donald R. Marvin. "Because it uses nature's bar-code - the unique DNA of every animal - DNA TraceBack is the ultimate proof of product integrity."

IdentiGEN's DNA TraceBack system is one of 36 approved USDA-process verified programs.

For more information, visit www.NaturesPremiumBrand.com.