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Knowlan's Super Markets Installs ACM Self Checkout from PSI

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Productivity Solutions Inc. (PSI) and Knowlan's Super Markets Inc. announced that Knowlan's has installed the PSI ACM 750 Self Checkout unit in two of its Festival Foods stores in Minnesota.

The announcement marks the first installation of the ACM solution in an ICL ISS45 POS environment, and the first install as a result of the joint marketing relationship between PSI and Retail Data Systems (RDS).

"Self checkout provides great customer service. We selected PSI because it is the only solution that can handle large and small orders equally well which allows all of our customers to use self checkout," said Edward Doud, director of retail technology for Knowlan's. "This capability, based on PSI's patented conveyor based system, provides us with the flexibility we need to provide fast, convenient checkout all the time, from busy weekend mornings to slower off-peak weekdays, while efficiently managing our staffing levels."

"Knowlan's implementation proves that self checkout is not a big chain technology. Self checkout creates tremendous value for independent chains like Knowlan's by improving customer service while providing the ability to manage labor costs," said Bruce Failing, CEO of PSI.

Knowlan's is an independent grocery chain that operates six stores in Minnesota under the store banners of Festival Foods and Knowlan's.
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