Kmart Expands 90-Day Generic Program

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. -- Kmart based here expanded of its "90-Day Generic Drug Program" to include more than 300 medications. The program, which began in May 2006 in all of the over 1,100 Kmart pharmacies nationwide, offers customers a 90-day supply of covered medications for just $15.

Now covered by the 90-Day Generics Program are nearly 70 new generic medications, including 17 formulations of popular generic prescription prenatal vitamins, a larger selection than other generic programs offer.

The Kmart 90-Day Generics Program provides several medications not currently offered in many other generic programs, including sertraline (used to treat depression) and simvastatin (used to treat high cholesterol), which were the fifth and tenth most prescribed brand medications in 2005 before both became available as generics in 2006.

"At Kmart Pharmacy we strive to provide health care solutions that improve our customers' quality of life at an exceptional value," said Mark Doerr, v.p./Kmart Pharmacy. "Our exclusive 90-Day Generics program, which offers a lower out-of-pocket cost than most mail-order prescription coverage, also encourages better patient care through personal pharmacist interaction."

Kmart is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sears Holdings Corp.
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