Kahiki Naturals Vegetable Egg Rolls with Flaxseed Wrapper

We really like this new product from Kahiki, and we love the idea of using the same packaging technology used to make microwave popcorn to cook the egg roll, making it nice and crispy. Also, we love that they're using flaxseed. We found the veggie filling to be nice in appearance, crunch,y and tasty. Another thing we love about this product is the fact that "Product of USA" is printed on the package, even though it's not yet required by law. And finally, we had a little surprise in store for us when we looked at the nutritional info for the sauce (which we found extremely sweet) and discovered that it actually only contained 2 grams of sugar. Other varieties are available. Retails for $4.99/9.75-ounce package.

Taste 29
Value 18
Health 15
Ingredients 15
Preparation 10
Appearance 5
Packaging 5
Total 97

Kahiki Foods Inc, Gahanna, Ohio
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