K-VA-T/Food City Reprises Fuel and Pharmacy Bucks

ABINGDON, Va. -- As fuel prices continue to climb, K-VA-T/Food City here said it is bringing back its highly successful Fuel Bucks saving program to locations throughout its market area.

Beginning Nov. 23 and continuing through Dec. 15, Food City ValuCard shoppers will have two ways to earn fuel/pharmacy bucks. For every $10 in Food City store brand purchases (which include the Food City, Food Club, Full Circle, Paws, ValuTime, Top Care, Academix, Domestix, Electrix, Easy Clix, World Classics, and Dining-In family of products) in a single shopping trip, shoppers will receive a $1 fuel/pharmacy buck.

On top of that, shoppers will also receive a bonus $1 fuel/pharmacy buck each time they purchase one of several bonus items, which will rotate on a weekly basis. Bonus items will be identified in Food City's weekly newspaper insert.

For example, a $50 purchase of Food City store brand products that includes three bonus items would result in $8 in fuel/pharmacy bucks to the shopper.

Fuel/pharmacy bucks will automatically dispense at the checkout at the conclusion of each shopping trip, and customers can redeem fuel/pharmacy bucks at any Food City Gas 'N Go or Food City Pharmacy location before Dec. 29.

The campaign does not include the purchase of videos, gift cards, cigarettes or alcohol, and select Food City Fresh meat, produce, and deli items. Each fuel/pharmacy buck can only be used at either the fuel center or the pharmacy, but not both.

Food City operates 94 retail food outlets throughout the tri-state region of Southeast Kentucky, Southwest Virginia, and Northeast Tennessee.
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