Jungle Jim's Drives Sales with Wisconsin Cheese & Wine Pairing Event

FAIRFIELD, Ohio – Wisconsin's world-respected cheesemakers recently traveled to Jungle Jim's International Market here for an event that paired superior cheeses from Henning's, BelGioioso, and Roth Käse, with top-quality wines from Ecco Domani, Maso Canali, Whitehaven, and Louis Martini.

"We saw a definite shift in cheese purchases," said Sarah Baumann, Jungle Jim's director of creative services. "Customers were scrambling for Wisconsin cheeses, and we sold out of Henning's three- and five-year aged cheddars."

Baumann said food demonstrations are a powerful sales tool, and Jungle Jim's commits to them early and often. "We often take an unknown or sleeper product, and demo it and demo it and demo it, until it takes off."

To fully exploit the sales-generating potential of cheese demos, Baumann suggested retailers demonstrate unconventional cheeses: de-emphasize price; have cheesemaker man the demonstration; and advertise and promote the event.
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