Izzy’s New Web Site Aims to Improve Customer Experience

Ten years ago, a talented team of people introduced a cool, affordable office furniture business — called Izzydesign — at the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair in Chicago.

At that time, founder and CEO Chuck Saylor outlined the vision and mission: to support new technologies, the environment, the 24/7 blending of life and work, and a new generation searching for fulfillment beyond the corner office. His prediction: the “New Workstyles” of collaboration were the new power of, by and for the people.

Now Izzy+ is at the right place at the right time with the right digital tools, including a Web site to support people at a higher level of engagement. “We have wanted to do this for a long time,” Saylor said. “Now our customers can find what they need and search between our brands seamlessly. And we are reaching out to them online, to ask questions, to learn, and to establish the same kind of real and engaging relationships that we build every day in person.”

At izzyplus.com, visitors can meet the Izzy+ team on the home page, at the new Truman lounge. In fact, team members can be found throughout the site, having fun with the products they make, sell and use. That’s why the home page of izzyplus.com features a Dewey bookshelf stocked full of their favorite things, including ice cream, a mini Mini Cooper and ingredients for s’mores.

Visitors can zoom in on cartoon-like balloons on the bookshelf, using Seadragon tiling image technology. The closer visitors get to the bookshelf, the more detailed the stories they’ll uncover about the importance of good design, quality coffee and teaming up with others.

Customers and specifiers now can search by market, explore potential furniture settings and rely on the Izzy+ Fuzzy Floorplan to design more inspiring, human-centered places and spaces.
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