iTradeNetwork Launches Mobile Computing Support

iTradeNetwork, Inc. (ITN), a global provider of on-demand supply chain management and intelligence solutions to the retail, hospitality and foodservice industries, has extended the reach of its eOrdering product, Branded Procurement, to support the iPad and Android tablet environments as part of the company’s mobile computing initiative.

“We see the mobile environment as the logical next step in eProcurement and ordering solutions allowing users to create orders in the field, receive shipments, monitor inventories, and better manage their supply chains and customer experience,” said Robert Bonavito, CEO of Pleasanton, Calif.-based ITN.

iTradeNetwork’s collaborative solutions were designed to allow distributors, manufacturers, operators, retailers, suppliers and wholesalers of all sizes to reduce costs, grow revenue and strengthen trading partner relationships.

“Extending the product’s usability to tablet computers streamlines the user’s procurement experience and maintains ITN’s leadership in supply chain services,” said Craig Fischer, director of product management for the Branded Procurement solution. “We’ve always seen mobile computing as the next step in supply chain management.”



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