Intelligent Shelf Label Solution Creates Brand Awareness

Statistics show that on average, consumers are hesitant to try new dairy products, making it challenging for producers to introduce new offerings successfully. To combat this trend, Intel’s intelligent shelf solution provides eye-catching digital graphic displays right next to products, taking advantage of the fact that 70 percent of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale.

Using this technology, retailers can boost profitability by raising consumer awareness, running special offers on nearly-expired products, decreasing the effort and cost to manage price tag changes, and taking steps to reduce inventory distortion.

Anonymous Viewer Analytics technology employed by Intel Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel AIM Suite) can be used to gather anonymous consumer data, such as age and gender at the point of sale, which can then be used to analyze buying patterns and optimize promotion strategies and inventory.

To learn more, the complete report is available online.

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