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Inmar Intelligence Launching Another AI-Powered Innovation

New solution aims to bring reliability and transparency to retail, CPG deductions management
Gina Acosta, Progressive Grocer
Inmar's new solution enables a new level of control and precision with deductions management processes.

Inmar Intelligence is launching another AI-powered solution designed to bring reliability and transparency to a process that imposes significant costs and time delays to retail, CPG and pharma companies.

DeductionsLink, a SaaS collaboration and payments solution, aims to help retailers, CPG businesses and pharmaceutical manufacturers modernize their deductions management processes. Part of Inmar Intelligence’s LedgerSync platform, DeductionsLink incorporates AI and automated process management to enable cross-functional collaboration and increased visibility into deductions recovery trends, ultimately protecting against shrinking profit margins while easing the burden of deductions management on staff.

The solution enables a new level of control and precision with deductions management processes. With inflation and supply chain challenges increasing the cost of production and price-sensitive consumers seeking brands with the most affordable products, it is critical that brands don’t pass those price increases on to the consumers. DeductionsLink enables retailers and CPG businesses to protect their margins and keep prices competitive by avoiding unnecessary losses caused by outdated deductions processes. 

“DeductionsLink will be a game-changer for CPG and pharma brands that have traditionally struggled with unnecessarily manual deductions management processes,” said John Helmle, EVP and president of fintech at Inmar Intelligence. “As a trusted intermediary for returns and incentives workflows between retail, CPG, and pharma companies, Inmar Intelligence is in the perfect position to provide a solution such as DeductionsLink that will help free up much needed accounts receivables staff resources, and directly address the significant losses in revenue experienced through invalid deductions.”

Retail, CPG and pharma companies currently spend significant amounts of time and effort through their accounts payable and accounts receivable functions validating other parties’ data. DeductionsLink is a step toward Inmar's vision of "autonomous settlement," as it provides a shared platform that contains accurate and immutable data trusted by all parties. The new solution prevents lost revenue during the deductions management process while automating key processes and leveraging AI for an additional layer of intelligence.

With the release of DeductionsLink, Inmar becomes the only company able to empower CPG and pharma companies with the unique ability to connect deductions data to incentives data, trade promotions data, and even supply chain data through other Inmar Intelligence solutions, further improving visibility across the full spectrum of activities that can contribute to deductions losses.

“DeductionsLink has been built to solve the unaddressed needs of CPG and pharma companies,” said Dash Bibhudatta, VP of product management at Inmar Intelligence. “Current solutions solely focus on accounts receivables across all industries or trade promotions planning. DeductionsLink is a comprehensive solution that applies AI to make sense of the different ways retailers send remittance. It captures UPC and store-level performance to give granular insights into performance while helping accounts receivable, sales and operations focus on priority items and ensure dispute deadlines are not missed.”

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