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iFuel Delivers Lower Gas Prices at New Kiosk-Based Fueling Stations

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - WireSpring Technologies, a developer of software and technology for interactive kiosks and digital signage systems, today announced that iFuel, LLC has completed the deployment of the first iFuel-enabled fueling station at the Jubilee Supermarket in Evanston, Wyo.

iFuel uses Web site and kiosk technology to create a fully automated payment system, helping customers save money on gas purchases and providing 24/7 access to purchase histories and other account information online. The iFuel system uses WireSpring's FireCast kiosk software, along with industrial kiosk hardware from White Mountain Solutions.

"After a year of product development, we are thrilled to launch the first iFuel station," said iFuel co-founder Kristen Call. "With gas prices at record highs, we look forward to helping consumers and businesses save on every fuel purchase, while enabling them to keep track of their petroleum spending via our secure Web site."

iFuel helps customers save money on petroleum products by eliminating labor-related expenses and limiting credit card fees. Consequently iFuel customers pay less for fuel, saving as much as 10 cents per gallon or more. Users who sign up for an iFuel Barrel Account at can track fuel purchases any time through iFuel's innovative web portal. iFuel-enabled stations are designed to work with the prepaid iFuel Barrel Account, although credit, debit, and ATM cards are also accepted.

iFuel sells gasoline and diesel fuel at a variety of retail locations. The company enters into petroleum marketing contracts with location owners, enabling convenience stores, supermarkets, and other venues to offer petroleum products without the corresponding labor expense. iFuel venues also benefit from optional distribution of grocery and fuel coupons via their proprietary touchscreen kiosk systems.

WireSpring's FireCast kiosk software powers iFuel's touchscreen kiosks, developed by White Mountain Solutions. Customers use the kiosks to choose a payment method, enter coupons, select receipt options, and sign for their purchase, when necessary. The kiosks can also provide access to other services, including grocery coupons for adjacent food stores. Remote management for the kiosk network is provided by WireSpring's ClientCenter system, which controls the kiosks, fuel pumps, fuel prices, user accounts, and even the roadside electronic sign. The technology represents the culmination of more than a year of collaborative development among iFuel, WireSpring, and White Mountain. "iFuel's complex technical needs represented a unique challenge for our team," said WireSpring c.e.o. William Gerba. "We are extremely pleased with the final product, and the seamless integration of kiosk, pump control, and account management tools demonstrates the flexibility of the FireCast operating system and ClientCenter remote management platform."
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