IBM Launches Stream Computing Software

IBM last week launched "stream computing" software it developed to enable users to analyze massive amounts of data in real time and deliver extremely fast, accurate insights.

The new software, called System S, is built for perpetual analytics -- employing a new streaming architecture and breakthrough mathematical algorithms, to create a forward-looking analysis of data from any source -- narrowing down precisely what people are looking for and continuously refining the answer as additional data becomes available.

"System S software is another example of IBM helping clients through our long-term investments in business analytics and advanced mathematics," said Dr. John E. Kelly III, IBM SVP and director of IBM Research. "The ability to manage and analyze incoming data in real time, and use it to make smarter decisions, can help businesses and other enterprises differentiate themselves."

According to Armonk, N.Y.-based IBM, System S, which took five years to develop and has more than 200 patents, can analyze hundreds or thousands of simultaneous data streams -- such as stock prices, retail sales and weather reports -- and deliver nearly instantaneous analysis to business leaders who need to make split-second decisions. Traditional computing models retrospectively analyze stored data and can’t continuously process massive amounts of incoming data streams that affect critical decision-making.

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