Hy-Vee, QFC, Publix Cake Bakers Face-Off at IDDBA Cake Challenge

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Hy-Vee, QFC, Publix Cake Bakers Face-Off at IDDBA Cake Challenge

From a field of 73 entrants hailing from 40 supermarket chains, the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA) has narrowed to three the number of contestants chosen to participate in its 14th annual Cake Decorating Challenge to be held at its upcoming Dairy-Deli-Bake ’09 seminar and expo in Atlanta, GA, June 7-9.

“This year’s crop of cake challenge contestants has demonstrated the ability to create beautiful pictures and edible memories in a variety of formats,” said Carol Christison, executive director of the Madison, Wis.-based IDDBA. “With almost double the number of entries that we had last year, in-store decorators are embracing the process as an art form. Instead of canvas, they’re using cakes and instead of paint, they’re using frosting to create works of art,” Christison said.

The decorators receiving an all-expense paid trip to compete are:

Anne Freeman, Hy-Vee Inc., Ames, Iowa. Having worked at Hy-Vee through high school and college, Freeman has been decorating cakes for over eight years. Everything she knows about cake decorating she has learned on her own.

Charra Jarosz, Quality Food Centers, Seattle, Wash. Jarosz began working in the deli in college and eventually transferred to the bakery, where she got hooked on decorating. She has taken a few classes, but is largely self-trained. She’s been decorating cakes for 10 ½ years.
Kim Oborne, Publix Super Markets Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Osborne has been decorating cakes at Publix Super Markets for 28 years. This veteran decorator says that the best part of her job is seeing the smiles on her customer’s faces.

There are three phases to the IDDBA cake decorating challenge, which begins on Sunday, June 7, when each contestant will decorate enough cakes to fill one multi-tiered, eight-foot bakery case. On Monday, June 8, each contestant will decorate a wedding cake, and on Tuesday, June 9, each contestant will decorate three cakes of their choosing, one from each category: special occasion; theme/event; and decorator’s interpretation of the IDDBA’s Dairy-Deli-Bake ’09 show theme — “The Show of Shows.”

Christison offered thanks to the other decorators who entered the competition, including:

Lori Allen, Giant Eagle; Mildred Becks, Hy-Vee; Tina Beltz, Hy-Vee; Elena Birukow, Andersons; Jill Blancho, Hy-Vee; Victor Blauser, Kroger #569; Katie Bonness, Giant Eagle; Don Buciak, Holiday Market; Kristina Burch, Jewel Osco; Stephen Castrogiovanni, Waldbaums; Pamela Dean, Publix #7; Carla DeMarco, Sorbara Shop ’n Save; Stephanie Dillon, Belton Hy-Vee; Santina Doebel, Ray's Food Place, C&K Market, Inc.; Mary (Evelyn) Edington, Food City #634; Nancy Elam, HyVee (Moline); Belinda Ennemoser, Buehler's Food Market #8; Karen Anne Ferris, Clements Marketplace; Maggie Flurey, Hy-Vee Food Store; Maggie Fodge, Hy-Vee; Anne Freeman, Hy-Vee #1018; Angelina Freiburger, Fred Meyer's; Sandra Fridley, Hy-Vee #1271 Indianola; Laurie Grissom, WalMart #4458; Olena Grundman, Lowes Foods; Catherine Hall, Rouses Market (#15); Brenda Harwig, Hy-Vee; Dreama Hernandez, Food City #618; Michele Hillman, Osgood Hornbacher's; Jessica Hopf, Fred Meyers; Wendy Ikerd, Hy-Vee Foods; Sheri A. Jackson, Ray's Food Place, C&K Market, Inc.; Charra Jarosz, Quality Food Centers (QFC) #872; Carolyn Kirwan, Schnuck's #720; Lisa Laib, Miracle Mart South Broadway; Leona Jayne Landis, Landis Market; Cheryl Lawson, Edinboro Giant Eagle; Karen Marie Lindow, Giant Eagle #76; Melea Macdonald, Giant Eagle; Jillian MacPherson, Fezell's County Market; Debbie Manwarren, Lowes Foods; Crystal Martin, Food City #679; Keeann Martineau, Jerry's Foods; Mirranda Meacham, Fred Meyer; Barbara Meyer, Roundy's; Betty Miller, Giant Eagle; Robyn Mindy, Fry's Food Stores; Amanda Novak, Coborn's; Kim Oborne, Publix Supermarkets; Katie O'Connor, Hy-Vee; Teresa Perry, VG's Food Center; Niyole Pilipavichius, Bake For Me; Lynn Robinson, Hy-Vee; Laura Rose, Breton Village Dew (Spartan Store); Bonnie Ryder, Albertsons LLC; Lidia Sanchez, Sugar Shock Inc.; Candi Schaum, Giant Eagle; Amber Shugert, Carnival Foods; Sandy Smith, Publix; Vikki Snyder, Leppink's Food Center; Amanda Spoonts, Jerrys Foods; Donna Stevens, Food City #897; Violetta Tchernova, Western Supermarket Rocky Ridge; Amy Timko, Hy-Vee Omaha #10; Dana Tomovich, Giant Eagle; Romel Toney, Giant Eagle; Sara Vanderheyden, Hy-Vee; Theresa Ware, Giant Food; Denise Whitney, Harmon's; Kimberly Wildenborg, Yoke's Fresh Market; Barbara Kay Wise, Valu Market; Rebecca Woodard, Harps Food Stores; Pam Zaruba, Hy-Vee #1107.