Hussmann's Pearson Earns GreenChill's Distinguished Partner Award

Hussmann account manager Mitch Pearson received the EPA GreenChill 2011 Distinguished Partner Award during the 2011 Food Marketing Institute's recent Energy & Store Development Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Each year, the EPA recognizes one supermarket partner and one systems or chemical manufacturer for their commitment to the GreenChill mission to protect the environment by reducing the harmful impact of commercial refrigeration systems on climate change and the ozone layer. For the first time ever, the non-supermarket Distinguished Partner Award was presented to an individual, rather than a company.

"Mitch has embraced the GreenChill program," said Keilly Witman, manager, EPA GreenChill Partnership. "He encourages all of his customers to design their new stores to reduce refrigerant charge sizes and leak rates, and has helped many of them achieve GreenChill Store Certification Awards. Mitch has also increased awareness of the GreenChill Partnership and the Store Certification Program immensely in his area."

To obtain an EPA GreenChill Certification Award, stores must prevent at least 65 percent of the harmful refrigerant emissions of a typical supermarket. Mitch Pearson has helped his customers garner five gold and three silver certifications.

"When I heard about the EPA GreenChill program several years ago, I recognized what a great program it is and the positive impact it could have on our planet," said Pearson. "Since then I've made it my personal mission to promote refrigerant reduction best practices and technologies. I show my customers how Hussmann products, including our Protocol refrigeration system, are well suited for substantially reducing refrigerant charge and leak rates."

The Hussmann Protocol distributed refrigeration system, places units close to the case loads they cool, which requires 50-75 percent less piping than traditional parallel systems and reduces refrigerant charge by 60 - 80 percent. The shorter piping runs have 50-75 percent fewer braze joints, which lessens the likelihood of refrigerant leaks.

"I'm committed to helping my customers achieve the EPA GreenChill certification and to making the planet a better place," added Pearson, noting that he was deeply honored to receive the Distinguished Partner Award.

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