How to Reach Consumers With Coffeehouse Mindset

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How to Reach Consumers With Coffeehouse Mindset

Mindset Media (, an internet ad-technology and market research company that enables brand advertisers to reach millions of people with the personality traits that fit their brands, released today a Mindset Profile(TM) of premium coffee drinkers, which the company generated from a recent study conducted using Nielsen's Online panel (

Where do you go for your morning cup of coffee? Do you prefer an extra-foam, half-decaf latte from your neighborhood Starbucks? Or are you more likely to brew your own regular cup of joe? It turns out the type of coffee you drink may have something to do with your personality.

From a study conducted using the Nielsen Online panel, Mindset Media revealed that people who purchase coffeehouse coffee, such as Starbucks or Caribou, every day have a distinct Mindset Profile, or set of psychographic traits.

"While there are plenty of wallet-friendly places to get your morning caffeine fix, there are, of course, people who insist on drinking premium coffee day after day, despite the tough economic times," said Sarah Welch, COO and Co-Founder of Mindset Media. "What makes people stick to their premium coffee brands rather than switch to the more economical competition? While many would believe it is a matter of income, we have found the answer may have more to do with how coffee drinkers are wired, literally."

According to the study, four personality traits, or Mindsets, over-index for people who drink premium coffee every day:

• 114 percent more likely to be highly open, or Openness 5 in Mindset Media parlance, than the general population. Openness 5s (highly open people) seek rich, varied and novel experiences, believing that imagination and intellectual curiosity contribute to a life well lived.

• 70 percent more likely to be a Leadership 5. People who score high in leadership (Leadership 5s) have ideas and vision, and their style with others is both inclusive and decisive.

• 55 percent more likely to be a Superiority 5. People who display high levels of superiority (Superiority 5's) think of themselves as extraordinary people, and also prefer to direct others than to be directed.

• 48 percent more likely to be a Creativity 5. Creativity 5s (highly creative people) are inventive and imaginative. They are emotionally sensitive and intellectually curious.

"Brands with loyal consumers who exhibit distinct Mindset Profiles, like Starbucks, can reach millions of the right people -- people likely to purchase their products regardless of the economic climate -- by working with online media outlets that offer Mindset Media ad targeting capability," concluded Welch.