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How Grocery Shoppers Shop: Changing Trends in Grocery Shopping

Date of webcast

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Time & time zone / duration of webcast

2:00 pm ET/1:00 pm CT/11:00 am PT

Duration: 1 hour

Webcast title

How Grocery Shoppers Shop: Changing Trends in Grocery Shopping


Webcast abstract

New consumer behaviors are quickly changing grocery shopping in multiple ways. Our new national study of 1,500 grocery shoppers, the subject of this webinar, underscores some reasons why. Super price sensitivity, customer time deficiency, and instant access to promotions and product information are putting greater pressure on retail and product companies to shift with consumer demands. The good news is the industry is growing, and with the right adjustments to customer preferences, there’s room for everyone.


Our survey found that price is the number-one reason shoppers choose a primary grocery store, and that the majority of shoppers (75 percent) identify themselves as “budget” or “discount” shoppers. That’s why 59 percent use shopping apps for savings, with individual grocery apps heading the list. The picture that emerges from the study is one of a shopper always prepared, arriving at the grocery store knowing exactly what they’re going to buy, and most importantly, why. The why is value.


Other topics covered in this webinar:

  • How greater acceptance of store brands is changing the price/value equation for all brands
  • How shoppers have already found their deals and savings before they walk through the door
  • Insights into the promotional strategies shoppers prefer that also allow you to preserve the highest profit margins


Presenting publication

Progressive Grocer


Blackhawk Engagement Solutions


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Rodney Mason, GVP, Marketing, Blackhawk Engagement Solutions


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Joan Driggs, Editorial Director, Progressive Grocer

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