House Parties Highlight Sargento Premium Products

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House Parties Highlight Sargento Premium Products

Sargento Foods, Inc. has teamed with marketing firm House Party to organize more than 1,000 at-home parties across the country to showcase some of Sargento’s Finishers premium products.

The two companies have organized the parties to allow hosts and guests to create and sample unique dishes using Sargento’s Salad Finishers and Potato Finishers products.

“We want consumers to feel adventurous and creative in the kitchen when making salads and potatoes,” said Troy Davis, senior marketing manager at Plymouth, Wis.-based Sargento. “House Party provides us with the perfect opportunity to let food enthusiasts explore all the customizable ways Finishers allows you to turn ordinary salads and potatoes into extraordinary meals.”

The products include two or three individually wrapped ingredients inside each package. Alongside Sargento’s well-known cheese products, the packages contain things like marinated chicken breast, bacon crumbles and sauces.

House Party has also created a Web site where participants can upload videos and photos of the parties.

“The unique aspect of House Party’s marketing platform is that consumer advocates tell their friends and family about a brand they like, trust and value. A home party event is a great atmosphere to have a trusted and influential conversation,” said Kitty Kolding, CEO at House Party. “We continue the conversation by suggesting that hosts and guests maintain dialog about their shared experience on our VIP Web site.”