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Hormel Launches Mexican-inspired Fresh Meat Line

AUSTIN, Minn. -- In seeking to create a destination within the fresh meat section that will resonate with lovers of Mexican food, Hormel Foods here is launching a new Mexican-inspired line of fresh meats that contains both slow-cook and quick-cook favorites.

Committed to respecting traditional Mexican cooking methods, the new Carniceria Hormel makes it easy to prepare flavorful meals with authentic ingredients, while allowing for easy preparation and customization. Carniceria products include both pre-marinated meats that are slow-cooked, as well as options that are ready in minutes.

Available to retailers nationwide beginning this month at a suggested retail price of $4.99 per pound, Carniceria Hormel will be available in the following varieties:

--Carne al Pastor: a blend of traditional adobo marinades with pre-diced pork

--Carne Adobadas: pork steaks marinated in a flavorful adobo blend (dried chiles, spices, herbs, and a dash of vinegar)

--Carne Asada ("grilled meat"): one of Mexico's most popular recipes, consisting of thin cuts of beef steak lightly marinated with salt, pepper, and citrus.

--Barbacoa: Mexican-style barbecue combining beef with citrus, mild chiles, and traditional seasonings

--Chicken Tinga: chicken, tomatoes, onions, select spices, and chipotle peppers

--Carnitas: pork, salt, pepper, garlic, and orange juice.
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