Hormel Launches First Spanish-language TV Commercial for Spam in U.S.

CHICAGO -- Austin, Minn.-based Hormel Foods Corp. has launched its first-ever U.S. Spanish-language television commercial for Spam, its iconic brand of canned luncheon meat. The 30-second spot was developed and produced by Hormel's Hispanic advertising agency of record, The San Jose Group (SJG), based here.

According to agency/client research, nearly 77 percent of U.S. Hispanics are non-users of the Spam Family of Products. As such, SJG and Hormel have set out to educate the Hispanic female head-of-household on the versatility and convenience of Spam.

"We are positioning Spam to fit into our target demo's busy lifestyle," said George L. San Jose, president and c.o.o. of The San Jose Group. "We leveraged a high-energy, urban approach to solicit a curiosity of Spam as an incentive to trial."

The spot depicts two young professional men on their way home from work in a modern, downtown setting. The hero blissfully imagines Spam Classic being served for dinner. His antagonist literally steals the thought from above his head and runs away with it. After an engaging, gymnastic-filled chase scene, our hero reclaims his original thought. Upon his return home, his thought turns to reality, when his wife welcomes him with an enticing meal featuring Spam Classic.

The slogan "Imaginalo. Saborealo." (Imagine it. Taste it.) solicits a call to action to viewers against appetizing shots of more meals that can be prepared with Spam.

The commercial will be piloted in Los Angeles and supported with outdoor advertising and free-standing inserts.
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