Horizon Organic Dairy to Invest $13 Million Land Stewardship Initiative

BOULDER, Colo. -- The country's supply of certified organic dairy products isn't meeting consumer demand. Horizon Organic, the nation's leading marketer of organic milk here, said yesterday it will address the supply shortage with a $13 million Land Stewardship Initiative.

The multi-tiered program will fund grazing and agricultural land expansion with environmental integrity for Horizon Organic's two original farms and its growing national network of family farmers. The company said the investment and commitment is essential so that it can continue to fulfill its vision of providing organic dairy products for all consumers by converting as many acres as possible to environmentally-beneficial practices.

Along with more than 1,400 acres to be added to Horizon's original farm in Idaho, the Land Stewardship Initiative will improve the quality of its existing pasture lands and assist in the transition of thousands of acres of farm land and hundreds of family farms to certified organic practices.

American consumers' thirst for organic dairy products is growing at more than 16 percent per year, according to data cited by Horizon Organic.
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