Henry's Farmers Market Goes Wild with American Shrimp

BOULDER, Colo. -- Henry's Farmers Market, a division of Wild Oats Markets based here, has set sail on a partnership with Wild American Shrimp, Inc. to raise funds for the hurricane-stricken shrimping areas of the Southern Atlantic and Gulf Coast regions.

Throughout October, Henry's will donate five percent of the sale of each pound of Certified Wild American Shrimp to Wild American Shrimp, Inc (WASI). The money raised throughout the month will primarily be used to help pay for debris removal in areas that were damaged by the hurricanes of last year. Each of Wild American Shrimp's eight member states -- Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas -- will work to evenly distribute the donations and decide how the funds will best benefit each state's shrimping industry. In addition to the donation, each purchase of Certified Wild American Shrimp will support hardworking U.S. shrimpers.
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"Henry's is proud to partner with Wild American Shrimp, Inc. as it is part of our philosophy to not only support responsible, sustainable fisheries, but to also support small fishing families, co-ops and the local communities that provide these products to our stores," said Kurt Luttecke, Wild Oats' v.p. of meat and seafood. "We sell seafood that is caught or raised in an environmentally sensitive manner because we are highly committed to our consumers' needs for better quality products, to ocean conservation, and to improving the growth and sustainability of seafood businesses. From boat to plate, we go to great lengths to bring our consumers the freshest, best seafood available."

In 1999, Wild Oats Markets acquired Henry's Farmers Market, which includes 28 stores in Southern California and Arizona.
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