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Heineken Joins The Recycling Partnership

Heineken USA Inc. is the first alcohol company to join The Recycling Partnership, a national nonprofit committed to improving curbside residential recycling in communities across the country.


As a leading sponsor, Heineken will provide industry expertise to help improve consumer education, elevate the quality of curbside recycling, and drive increased recovery of recyclable glass in communities nationwide, according to The Recycling Partnership, based in Falls Church, Va. 


“Welcoming Heineken USA to our strong network of partners and sponsors will accelerate our efforts to improve the recycling infrastructure and address glass recycling opportunities,” said Keefe Harrison, executive director of the nonprofit. “The company brings specific expertise that we believe will help amplify the reach of our recycling programs. We are eager to welcome the team at Heineken USA into our diverse and dedicated group of funding partners.” 


Globally, Heineken has a long-standing dedication to sustainability. The company’s Brewing a Better World program focuses on issues including CO2 emissions reduction, community partnerships and sustainable sourcing.


“We want to ensure that our products are consumed responsibly throughout their entire lifecycle, and that includes the consistent and efficient recycling of our bottles and cans,” said Tara Rush, chief corporate relations officer at Heineken USA. “Educating consumers and working with communities to support recycling is critical to our Brewing a Better World strategy, and we are confident that our collaboration with The Recycling Partnership will help us to create a positive and lasting impact on the environment.”


According to The Recycling Partnership, improving curbside recycling significantly reduces impacts on the environment and leads to healthier and more sustainable communities. Increased recycling in the Partnership’s first six grantee communities translates to a 10-year savings of 485,000 metric tons of CO2; that equates to the annual energy use of more than 44,000 homes.


“Our programs create lasting and measurable value,” Harrison added. “Currently, our work is reaching 71 communities, which represents over 1.2 million households. Our model is scalable and with each new member, our reach expands.”


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