Harris Teeter Chef to Develop Fresh-foods Program

MATTHEWS, N.C. - Harris Teeter Inc. is going after the growing eat-at-home market with a new fresh-foods program led by a professional chef at select stores, the Charlotte Business Journal reports.

As the retailer's new director of fresh foods, executive chef Philip Anderson, who trained at the Culinary Institute of America, will create a program for 44 of Harris Teeter's top stores. He told the Charlotte Business Journal that he aims to have the programs in place by year?s end, but admitted that his goal is ambitious.

The fresh-foods program will feature increased variety and ethnic additions, cooking demonstrations, explanations of how to put together a full meal from the fresh-foods case, and even how to choose a ripe melon. It rolled out at a store in Reston, Va., four weeks ago.

Anderson said one goal of the program is to make the fresh-foods section more approachable through easy-to-read signs and guidance from store employees on what items taste like and what the ingredients are, in case a customer has allergies or special dietary requirements.

The fresh-foods cases will change with the seasons, with holiday themes and more high-protein items added as the weather gets colder to keep the body warm, he said.

Most of the recipes for the foods Harris Teeter offers come from the test kitchen at the company's headquarters.
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