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Harmons Grocery 1st Retailer in Utah to Accept Mobile Driver's License

Contactless app is a globally accepted legal form of ID
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
Harmons Grocery 1st Retailer in Utah to Accept Mobile Driver's License
Utah shoppers with a mobile driver's license can use it to buy age-based and pharmacy products at Harmons Grocer stores.

Harmons Grocery will be the first food retailer in Utah to take part in that state’s mobile driver’s license (mDL) pilot program. The grocer will accept mobile credentials confirmed in a contactless way with a tap or scan at the point of sale as a form of identification for age-based and pharmacy purchases.

Utah is currently the only state in the United States that is piloting mDLs as a globally accepted legal form of identification. The personal ID doesn’t rely on visual inspection, removing subjectivity out of verification. In addition, unlike a physical driver’s license that includes all personal information, residents who choose the mDL have control over what personal data to share based on what is needed during a transaction. This form of a driver's license can be verified using an International Standard and apps such as GET Mobile Verify from mDL solutions provider GET Group North America.

“Convenience and superior service for our customers is our primary focus and bringing mDL verification, a more secure and convenient form of ID that gives customers greater control over their identity information, is an ideal match,” said Mark Jensen, Harmons president and CEO.

Chris Caras, director of the driver license division for the state of Utah’s Department of Public Safety, said that the mDL is the future of identification. “The security, privacy and convenience of mobile IDs is something we anticipate the public will really be pleased with, and Harmons is enthusiastic about providing the best experience for their customers,” he remarked.

Currently, the West Valley City, Utah-based Harmons Grocery  is accepting mDLs at two of its locations, with plans to expand to additional stores.

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