Harmons Develops Ecommerce Platform

Randy Hofbauer
Digital and Technology Editor

Utah grocery chain Harmons has developed an online list-building and click-and-collect program, which it plans to activate in the first quarter of 2018.

Developed in partnership with Toronto-based digital solutions provider Unata, the program will allow customers in select markets to visit harmonsgrocery.com to build personalized grocery lists, which can be ordered online and picked up at a Harmons store. It will be available at a number of the grocer’s 17 locations, rolling out to additional stores over time.

Harmons' new digital platform will leverage Unata's award-winning UX design to create easier and faster user navigation. The platform will also leverage Unata's proprietary personalization engine, using state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms to offer shoppers a one-to-one experience across every digital touchpoint. With this combination, Harmons aims to make online shopping and list building more convenient, efficient and personalized than ever before.

"Our team is what makes our in-store customer experience so unique and what sets us apart from other retailers," said Bob Harmon, VP for the customer at the West Valley City, Utah-based grocer. "With our focus on moving toward a new digital experience, we recognize the importance of ensuring that our online presence is an extension of the in-store customer service experience. After seeing what Unata's platform is capable of, we are confident it will enable us to exceed our customers' expectations."

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