The Happy Egg Co. Launches New Package Design

In an effort to increase transparency with regard to its egg carton labeling, The Happy Egg Co. has unveiled redesigned packaging which aims to showcase free-range standards on the company's farms.

The packaging, which retains the brand's signature yellow carton, moves away from illustrations and showcases real farm imagery in an effort to "help consumers at the point of purchase understand the happy egg co.’s ethos and drive home the brand’s commitment to clarity in product labeling," the company said.

“As the specialty egg industry continues to grow, more and more egg products are becoming available to the consumer, leading to even greater confusion about what to buy,” said Jenni Danby, the brand's marketing director.

“There are many misleading carton designs and labels that are available to consumers and to distinguish our eggs from the rest," Danby added, "the new packaging visually conveys the true and compelling story of how our hens are raised, helping consumers identify that the happy egg co. eggs are the gold standard in free range."

The Happy Egg Co.'s new packaging is available at more than 6,300 stores nationwide.


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