Hannaford Heating Store with Biodiesel

SCARBOROUGH, Maine -- Hannaford Supermarkets here said it is heating its Camden, Maine store with biodiesel fuel during the 2006-2007 winter season, in keeping with a long-term commitment to sustainability practices at retail.

In researching Hannaford locations that would be able to use biodiesel, the Northeast regional grocer selected the Camden location as a viable candidate because of the store's heating system (it has traditionally burned #2 fuel, rather than propane, as most Hannafords in the Mid-Coast region of Maine do).

Another factor in choosing the store was the presence of a supplier in nearby Rockport. The chain is getting the fuel from Harvest Fuel, a subsidiary of Rockport Mechanical, Inc., the state's only full-service fuel oil dealer selling biodiesel blends for oil heating systems and transportation.

Hannaford said no heating system modifications were required. As well as using biodiesel as its main heat source, the store employs waste heat from refrigeration compressors.

According to testing by the federal government, burning B20 (comprising 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent petroleum diesel) lowers emissions of carcinogenic hydrocarbons by 30 percent, particulates by up to 20 percent, and sulfur by 20 percent.

"Bioheat is a domestically produced fuel made from natural, renewable agricultural resources such as soybeans," explained Hannaford environmental affairs manager Megan Hellstedt in a statement. "It's quiet, clean, efficient, and has less harmful emissions than petroleum-based heating oil. While the cost of the product can be slightly more expensive than traditional oil, long-term maintenance expenses are lower. B20 burns cleaner, resulting in less wear and tear on heating system components, and fewer fuel filters and repairs. Additionally, since this fuel is cleaner-burning, there are fewer deposit buildups, which leads to better heat transfer and therefore better efficiency."

Past environmental conservation efforts at the Camden store include recycling over 170 tons of cardboard, plastic, and mixed paper last year.

Owned by the Brussels-based Delhaize Group, Hannaford Bros. Co. operates 158 stores under the Hannaford Supermarket and Hannaford Supermarket and Pharmacy banners in Maine, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.
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