Hannaford to Drop 5-cent Bag Credit

On Monday Hannaford Bros. Co. will end its policy of giving shoppers who use reusable bags a five-cent credit per bag, according to a published report. The practice first began in the early 1990s.

Company spokesman Michael Norton told the Albany, N.Y. Times Union that the policy was being discontinued it was no longer attracting any new recyclers, and the recompense for shoppers was small.

About 12 percent to 15 percent of items bought at Hannaford stores are now packed in reusable bags, and the company is eager to raise that proportion, Norton told the paper, adding that the Scarborough, Maine-based grocer believes "it's time to do something more powerful."

In line with that conviction, Hannaford will give away 20,000 of its polypropylene bags, which usually sell for 99 cents, at no charge. The company will distribute the free bags to customers who already use them, with the hope that they'll be passed along to friends.
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