H-E-B's Central Market Bows Natural Angus Beef

DALLAS--Central Market, H-E-B's 7-unit specialty division here, has tweaked its premium Angus beef program by adding all natural product, and touted the fact last week in circulars and newsletters to customers.

The program exclusively carries Natural Premium Gold Angus products, tested and certified to make sure that no antibiotics or growth hormones have ever been administered. The retailer said the cattle slaughtered for the program are less than 20 months old, a precaution against the possibility of foodborne illnesses. "The reason this is important is that Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) and Mad Cow Disease can occur only in animals that are 30 months or older," the chain explained in a communiqué to customers.

"We know that Angus beef makes the best steaks because of their superior short-grained muscle, intense marbling, heavy muscle development and good growth rate," Central market said. "But in many cases cattle marketed as Angus do not actually have a pure-Angus bloodline. Ours are tested for genotype to make sure their Angus heritage is beyond doubt. These Angus cattle are fed a completely vegetarian diet (with no animal byproducts) and are source-verified to ranch of origin and date of birth. They are also testified for presence of pesticides and herbicides."

The new all natural beef assortment currently includes cuts such as ribeyes, sirloins, t-bones, porterhouses, tenderloins and rib roasts are in Central Market stores now. The retailer promised that natural "Prime cuts are on the way." To promote the introduction, Central Market ran two items from the program in its weekly ad: boneless ribeye steak at $14.99 a pound ($1 off); and top round London Broil at $4.99 a pound ($0.30 off).
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