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G.U.L.F. Seafood Debuts Store Locater App

In order to help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing seafood, New Orleans-based Gulf United for Lasting Fisheries (G.U.L.F.) has developed a new app to help consumers easily locate responsibly harvested Gulf seafood in stores and restaurants.

Designed by The Food Group, Audubon Nature Institute’s Gulf seafood mobile app helps consumers learn about seafood responsibly harvested from the Gulf of Mexico. App users can conveniently access information about the life history of popular Gulf finfish and shellfish species, determine the best seafood for the season, and also learn the best indicators of freshness when shopping at the grocery store.

The app also features information about restaurant partners of G.U.L.F., which acts as a sustainability resource to help educate chefs, restaurant staff and patrons about seafood sustainability.

"As chefs, we thrive on the ability to use fresh, diverse, and quality products, and the Gulf offers that up to us in spades," said Chef Tenney Flynn, of New Orleans restaurant GW Fins. "We’re fortunate to have such a great resource right in our backyard, and with that comes the responsibility to conserve this valuable resource that defines the culture andeconomy of our entire region. The Gulf Seafood Guide app is a great tool to inform our guests about the wonderful local seafood that is available to them."

G.U.L.F. staff believes that the convenience and ease of the new app will promote and celebrate responsibly harvested Gulf seafood.

"With more than 90 percent of seafood eaten in the U.S. being imported, it’s important to buy domestic to help support the local fishing communities and economy of the Gulf," said John Fallon, G.U.L.F.'s assistant director of outreach & engagement. "Our goal is to let people know that a Gulf seafood purchase is a sustainable purchase; one that comes from a well-managed fishery, and supports the men and women of our fishing industry."

Founded in 2012 in response to the need for a home-grown champion with an understanding of the issues and the ability to advocate on behalf of Gulf fisheries and industry, G.U.L.F. acts as a neutral body and an arm of Audubon Nature Institute, working with government agencies, certification bodies, fishers and processors, buyers, restaurateurs, and consumers to ensure that fisheries in the region thrive for the benefit of future generations.

Audubon's Gulf Seafood App is available on Android (Google Play) and iPhone/iPad (iTunes). For more information, visit

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