Growing Interest in Biometric Card Payment, Provider Says

SmartMetric sees increased demand for contactless card solution that offers a secure experience at checkout
Lynn Petrak
Senior Editor
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Growing Interest in Biometric Card Payment, Provider Says
The SmartMetric card is one example of biometric payments with post-pandemic potential.

With contactless technologies leapfrogging ahead in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more forms of biometric payments are emerging. ABI Research has predicted that there could be 2.5 million biometric payment cards issued this year.

In a release out this week, SmartMetric, Inc. reports growing interest among card issuers in its biometric contactless card solution that enables a completely no-touch experience at checkout. Card users just touch a small fingerprint scanner embedded inside the debit or credit card that activates the transaction and communicates with the reader. No PIN is needed. 

The slim card meets size and thickness standards for credit cards while carrying a processor with up to a gigabyte of memory. According to SmartMetric company information, the electronic credit/debit card has a battery that can be quickly recharged, including when in use at a standard card reader.

SmartMetric is based in Las Vegas. In other organizational news, SmartMetric recently resolved to increase the size of its board of directors and the number of authorized shares of the company.

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