Grocery Shopping Network, Allureis Team for Loyalty Card Offering

MINNEAPOLIS -- Under an agreement with Oceanside, Calif.-based Allureis, Inc., online grocery marketer Grocery Shopping Network (GSN) here will assist smaller grocers with program integration, redemption, promotion, and marketing for loyalty card programs, the two companies said yesterday.

"We believe the Allureis Anchor Store Program will enhance existing grocery loyalty card offerings and give consumers an opportunity to save a significant amount of money on their grocery purchases," said GSN c.e.o. Tom Wilkolak in a statement. "In addition, it is a great way for smaller retailers to bring a cost-effective loyalty card program to their shoppers."

Allureis said it is offering the program as part of the SCORE LoyaltyShare Network, under license from Dallas-based Source, Inc.

"One of the most revolutionary aspects of this program is that it utilizes the major financial networks already installed and operating in retail establishments, without the need for special hardware or software, or nontraditional cooperation from merchant processors," said Allureis c.e.o. Stuart Graham.

"Our Anchor Store Loyalty Program will complement existing grocery store loyalty programs and will provide a meaningful program to those who don't have one," continued Graham. "Most importantly, it is cost-effective, with the only cost being the cost of cards. It adds a new dimension to traditional programs by involving local merchants who will benefit while financing the customer rewards."

According to Source c.e.o. Richard G. Stewart Jr., "GSN [gives] the SCORE LoyaltyShare Network...the ability to expand our loyalty-tracking technology into the grocery business for the first time."

GSN is a software and systems development company specializing in personalized digital marketing solutions for the grocery and CPG industries.

Allureis offers turnkey loyalty solutions, with a particular focus on media partners and the grocery industry.

Source, an owner of intellectual properties in the loyalty marketplace, has built the SCORE LoyaltyShare Network and LoyaltyShare Clearinghouse.
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