Grocery Price Comparison Search Engine Spreads to 525 U.S. Cities

OTTAWA, Canada --, an independent comparison shopping search engine, has recently expanded its market coverage to become coast-to-coast and "live" in more than 525 U.S. cities.

"Our goal was to create a search engine that eliminates the need for consumers to wade laboriously through the grocery flyers and circulars that are delivered to their doors via the weekly newspapers," said John Scott, e.v.p. of "We want to save people both time and money."

The Web site, which is localized and personalized, allows members to create a profile and then search their local stores for sale items. Users can create a price-optimized shopping list of items, save it, print it, and send it via email. They can look up product information, and sort by their favorite stores, product category, or by brand. The system also flags any potential allergy or nutritional concerns based on a user's profile matched against chosen products' ingredients.

The online service is aimed at heads of households aged 25-54, who are interested in health and nutrition and looking for a better way save time and money in planning their grocery shopping, the online operator said. It's devoted exclusively to the grocery sector, and boasts a database of over 325,000 food products.
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