Grocery Outlet's New Platform Better Connects Buyers, Suppliers


Extreme-value retailer Grocery Outlet has implemented a new platform to make it easier to find products that appeal to its shopper base.

Made possible through a partnership with RangeMe, the Emeryville, Calif.-based grocer's buyers can now search more than 150,000 suppliers and 600,000 products through the platform. Grocery Outlet offers national brand products at discounts of 40 and 70 percent compared to traditional retailers, which can add difficulty to the sourcing process.

"We are committed to bringing our customers premium products at tremendous value," says Steve Wilson, SVP of purchasing for Grocery Outlet. "And part of that commitment relies on having access to an abundance of suppliers who have high-quality, singular products at the ready. Expanding our options and increasing efficiency with RangeMe means we can truly excel for our customers."

Each Grocery Outlet store features more than 500 "NOSH" items – products that fall under the natural, organic, specialty and healthy labels.

"By partnering with RangeMe, we can continue grow and strengthen our supplier relationships, and already we've discovered products that we feel will meet our consumers' demands and expectations," Wilson says. "And through this partnership we are furthering how we differentiate from other retailers, and securing our firm position within the grocery industry."

Suppliers looking to sell their products through Grocery Outlet can set up their profile here.

Grocery Outlet operates more than 300 stores in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

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