Grocery iQ 2.0, Inc. upgraded its Grocery iQ ( Shopping List iPhone and iTouch app, adding bar code scanning, real-time list synchronization, and integrated coupons.

“For over a decade, we have been transforming the multibillion-dollar coupon industry by ushering coupons into the digital world that were traditionally distributed via newspaper inserts,” said Steven Boal, CEO of “[This] provides a road map for the future of the coupon industry. A future in which coupons are accessible to consumers 24/7/365 at home, at work or on the go, and a future in which manufacturers and retailers have more tools at their disposal to reach those consumers in order to move their products off store shelves.”

Some of the new features of Grocery iQ 2.0 include:

• Bar code scanning: Use the iPhone camera to scan bar codes on product packaging to automatically add items to grocery lists.

• Integration of coupons: Grocery iQ now includes coupons from so users can browse coupons and add items to their shopping list by simply selecting coupon offers. The application also automatically matches coupons for items on grocery lists, when offers are available. Users can also browse and select Save to Card coupons. Users can print their shopping lists wirelessly via HP printers or send lists to an e-mail address for printing from a computer.

• Synchronized list sharing: With synchronized list sharing, multiple users can share a single shopping list. This is useful for those occasions when you remember an item you need after a family member left for the store. Users just add that last-second item to the Grocery iQ list at home and it is automatically displayed in real time on the list of the person shopping in the store. Or, two shoppers can split the list in two — each for a different part of the store — to get the shopping done twice as fast.

In addition, version 2.0 builds on the popular features of previous versions, including ability to create one or more lists for multiple chains or store locations; add items to your shopping list by simply entering the first few letters of a brand or product or by typing the bar code; add commonly purchased products to an easy-to-access list for quickly creating new lists in the future; and automatically arrange items based on the aisle layout of the local grocery store.

Grocery iQ version 2.0 is priced at 99 cents and available as a free upgrade to previous versions. Versions of Grocery iQ for Android phones and other mobile operating systems are in development, and will be released in the near future.
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