Grocers Losing Moms’ Loyalty: Survey

A new nationwide survey of American moms from Tennessee-based BOHAN Advertising│Marketing has uncovered mixed results as far as grocers are concerned. On the plus side, even though the economy has begun to recover, 58 percent of respondents expect to scale back on eating out for the rest of the year, with almost two-thirds planning to prepare more meals at home. Additionally over half of the moms polled said they would buy fewer brand-name items, with more than four in 10 intending to purchase private label products.

But the survey also found that in the interest of savings, over four in 10 respondents said they would switch stores.

“Moms are telling us that they view the economic recovery very cautiously,” noted David Bohan, CEO of BOHAN, which conducted the survey for its blog. “Grocers have clearly conditioned moms to buy on price, a trend that will continue well into the future.”

Most moms — 84 percent — said they plan to use coupons, with over three-quarters intending to up their coupon use this year. But the majority aren’t interested in receiving them via social networking sites (59 percent) or mobile phones (74 percent.) Instead, they’d rather get them through newspapers, mail, e-mail, grocer Web sites and in stores.

When it comes to organic and locally grown food, just 24 percent said they plan to buy more organics and only a third said they intend to purchase more locally grown products. Currently, around half choose organics less than once a month, while a quarter buy locally grown food once a week or more.

Many grocers have added in-store dining and offer a broad assortment of prepared foods, but for the most part, moms aren’t taking advantage of these amenities. According to the survey, less than 15 percent (10 percent for in-store dining and 14 percent for prepared foods) believe such features are important.

“Today’s moms, more than anything else, want low prices, a wide variety of brands and rewards programs that are tailored to their needs,” said Shari Day, who heads BOHAN’s grocery team, based at its Knoxville, Tenn., office. “Although most are not currently interested in mobile coupons, we anticipate they will warm up to them as technology improves and makes them easier to use.”

The online survey of 585 moms over the age of 18 with at least two children was conducted in late May.
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