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Green Shoppers Drive Larger Market Baskets: Study

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Retailers and manufacturers looking to see more green should increase marketing to those shoppers who also see green, according to a new study by Catalina Marketing.

Indeed, the study -- performed by Catalina in conjunction with the FMI Sustainability Task Force -- found that when one nonfood green product was included in a shopper's basket, the average order reached nearly $100 - triple the normal $29 shopping basket.

Using behavior-based, green customer segmentation, Catalina analyzed the buying behavior of over 100 million unique shopper IDs for more than 2,000 green general merchandise products during a one-year period. The research revealed that shoppers who buy green fell into four categories: couples caring for their pets, families cleaning their homes, women caring for their bodies and families "going green" with a wide range of products - with this last group accounting for 44 percent of all green non-food purchasing.

In July 2007, the research showed that 4.7 percent of shoppers had purchased a green product; since then, the number has increased to 5.2 percent.

Catalina provides a variety of behavior-based promotional messaging, loyalty programs, and direct-to-patient information based on transaction data collected at its network of supermarkets.
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