Green Hills Launches Real-time Inventory Monitoring Solution

The Center for Advanced Retail Technology at community-based independent Green Hills has formed a strategic agreement with RockTenn Merchandising Displays to showcase RockTenn’s ShopperGauge in-store monitoring system that provides real-time reporting of shelf activity.

ShopperGauge incorporates BVI Networks RetailNEXT video analytics system with RockTenn’s inventory management and in-store merchandising capabilities to deliver real-time shopper insights.

“By linking RockTenn’s on-shelf electronic pusher system with BVI Networks video capabilities, the ShopperGauge system provides retailers what is really necessary for measuring and managing what’s happening in the store,” said Gary Hawkins, CEO of Syracuse, N.Y.-based Green Hills, as well as retail technology consultancy Hawkins Strategic, LLC. “This partnership is a great example of how new technologies are being connected together to form the new ecosystem that Hawkins Strategic is calling Retail 3.0.”

The ShopperGauge system was developed to help retailers and CPG manufacturers understand shopper behavior in real time. Its software interface allows retailers to configure out-of-stock alerts, signal potential shoplifting activity and manage on-shelf availability. In addition, the system provides storewide insights into shopper engagement and conversion to help determine which marketing messages sell best, ranks display and promotion effectiveness, and identifies the highest ROI locations.

“Understanding how to drive shopper behavior in store is now an operational imperative that retailers and brand marketers no longer have to do without,” said Jon Kramer, CMO of Norcross, Ga.-based RockTenn. “The ShopperGauge system makes it an affordable and usable reality. This tool promises continuous reporting of real shopper behavior measurements. It can be used to enhance the shopper experience, increase store loyalty, increase ROI on marketing and merchandising investments, and improve store operations.”

The Center for Advanced Retail Technology at Green Hills was created to enhance industry learning through retailer visits with hands-on, behind-the-scenes views into new and forthcoming technologies and discussion focused on changing business practices. A live retail operation, CART supports extensive data collection across products and shoppers, providing retailers quantitative views into featured technologies’ impact. CART is a service of Hawkins Strategic, which has offices in Skaneateles, N.Y., and West Hollywood, Calif.
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