The Golden Age of Kiwifruit

Color is key for Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit. Since opening offices in Orange County, Calif., last year, New Zealand-based Zespri has sought to change the kiwifruit category with SunGold’s sweeter taste and longer shelf life.

Zespri has launched a Celebrate the SunGold consumer campaign for its kiwifruit season from May to November. Retailers can order point-of-purchase displays and other merchandising material, which feature the Celebrate the SunGold graphics, and images of the golden interior of SunGold kiwifruit.

“We see a lot of growth in packaged kiwifruit — that’s what’s driving growth,” says Sarah Deaton, of Zespri. “It’s extremely important for SunGold to have an image on the package so consumers can see that the fruit is yellow inside.”

The Celebrate the SunGold campaign is also using targeted digital ads in select stores to reach shoppers who are already in the store. Zespri identified the most frequently used apps in a retail setting, such as grocery-shopping and meal prep apps, and partnered with them to ping shoppers to remind them to purchase SunGold kiwifruit.

“The digital ad campaign starts later this month,” notes Deaton. “We’re trying to find more creative ways to reach consumers at the point of sale and encourage them to eat more fruit.”

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