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Gold 'n Plump Launches 'No Antibiotics' Effort

In response to consumer demand for chicken products raised without antibiotics, GNP Company said it will add two new attributes to its Gold’n Plump brand -- “No Antibiotics–Ever” and the American Humane Certified farm program seal.

The first Gold’n Plump products featuring both of these claims will hit store shelves in March, with more added in the summer. The company will gradually extend these labels to all products by 2019.

“The demand for products raised humanely and with no antibiotics ever is growing,” said Julie Berling, director of strategic communications and insights for GNP Company. “One study shows as many as 42 percent of chicken consumers say ‘hormone- or antibiotic-free’ is an important factor to them. And 92.6 percent2 of consumers find it very important to buy humanely raised meats.”

The USDA only allows products sourced from chickens never given antibiotics their entire lives, including when inside the egg, to be labeled as “No Antibiotics–Ever.”

For products to display the American Humane Certified seal, GNP Company’s animal care, handling and processing practices are independently, third-party audited and must meet or exceed the agency’s more than 200 rigorous requirements.

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