GMDC and Kwikee Systems Enter Into Agreement for Product Imaging

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - In another move to enhance its CCCnet marketing conference preparation and follow-up toolset, GMDC has selected Kwikee Systems of Peoria, Ill. to provide product imaging and data collection services for 2004.

The plan calls for Kwikee, at no charge to the supplier, to generate imagery and collect data for two products from each supplier member registered for a GMDC marketing conference in 2004. This product information will then be integrated into GMDC's CCCnet service.

This new functionality will enable GMDC wholesale/retail members to take this product information into account as they use CCCnet to determine which supplier registrants they wish to have included on their CCC schedule. In addition, suppliers will now have an avenue for ensuring that their unique products are more effectively factored into the buyers' appointment decisions. Suppliers have the option of adding additional products to their online profiles for a modest fee.

"The addition of detailed product information and imagery to CCCnet will improve the overall appointment selection process by enabling the buyers to make a more informed decision," said GMDC v.p. of technology/c.t.o. Michael Winterbottom. "It will also give suppliers the opportunity to promote specific products and/or promotions for the marketing conference prior to the event itself."

The one-year agreement will commence immediately in preparation for the 2004 spring GM Marketing Conference June 4 to 8 in Orlando, Fla. and the fall HBC Marketing Conference Sept. 10 to 13 in Scottsdale, Ariz. Process timelines call for Kwikee to accept product samples up to April 9 for the GM event and July 16 for the HBC event. Members will be receiving specific instructions from GMDC on how to participate in this valuable service.

"This is just the initial phase of expanding the utility of CCCnet," said GMDC president and c.e.o. David McConnell Jr. "The service has established itself as an essential tool for conference preparation, participation, and follow-up since its introduction four years ago. Now we are adding to the valuable information about member companies accessible from our database. We will be announcing more data-related enhancements in the months ahead."
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