GMA: Congress Must Update Food Safety System

Grocery Manufacturers Association testified Friday before the U.S. Senates Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions as well as the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce on the best ways to strengthen, modernize, and improve the the nations food supply system.

In testimony before the House E&C Committee and the Senate HELP Committee, GMAs president and c.e.o. Cal Dooley, and s.v.p. and chief science & regulator affairs officer Robert Brackett, referred directly to proposed federal legislation that GMA and its members oppose.

Congress must take steps to help FDA and the food industry address new challenges posed by rising food imports and changing consumer preferences, said Dooley. That said, we oppose the FDA Globalization Act. During this time of record increases in food prices, the bill imposes a billion dollars in new taxes on consumers and proposes burdensome regulations that will not be effective in enhancing food safety.

The GMA officials encouraged Congress to give FDA the power to create safety standards for fruits and vegetables; require food companies to have a food safety plan, subject to FDA review; require every food importer to police their foreign suppliers, ensuring their standards meet those of the FDA; build the capacity of foreign governments and enlist the help of the private sector; and give the FDA new powers to address bad actors, by granting the Secretary mandatory recall authority.
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